104th Annual Exhibition 2015

104th Annual - 2015 Links


Host Gallery

    Mystic Art Center
  • Karen Barthelson: Executive Director
  • CAFA Exhibition Chair

  • Paola Evangelista: Executive Director
  • CAFA Board of Directors

  • Robert K. Frink: President
  • Betty Hellerman: Treasurer
  • Leonard P. Hellerman:Treasurer
  • Board Members

  • Del-Bourree Bach
  • Elaine Edelberg
  • Leonard P. Hellerman
  • Luciana Heineman
  • S. Chandler Kissell
  • Layne
  • Hannah Libman
  • Hans Stargardter
  • Matina Marki Tillman
  • Greg Tilman

Jurors of Selection and Awards

  • Jaclyn Conley
    Canadian-born artist Jaclyn Conley received her MFA from University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada and her BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. She has taught at Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, and she presently teaches at the Hartford Art School in West Hartford. Her work is composed of imagery gathered from many sources with which she creates a new scenario that is ever evolving so her audience can interpret it in their own personal way.
    Conley has participated in many past and recent exhibitions throughout Connecticut, New York, and her native Ontario, Canada. One of her more recent awards was the Artist Fellowship from the Connecticut Office of the Arts in 2012. This past year Conley was a juror for the Connecticut College 2014 Fine Art Thesis Show in New London. www.jaclynconley.com

  • Mark Patnode
    Connecticut artist Mark Patnode, who received his BFA from School of Art and Design, Purchase College in New York, is also the recipient of numerous fellowships, grants, and residencies, including teaching residencies. His brilliantly colorful and fluid lines compose great depictions of the Connecticut downtowns and landscapes. Patnode’s Charter Oak painting was chosen by Governor Jodi Rell to be used as the logo for Connecticut’s Tercentennial.
    Patnode has shown his art extensively throughout Connecticut as well as New York, and Bulgaria. He is member of the CT Department of Economic and Community Development – Arts Council as well as the CT Office of the Arts. www.marktheartist.com

104th Annual Exhibition Catalog and Awards - 2015


Ralph Acosta
Bright Sailing Day
Watercolor (2,600)

Lisa Lyman Adams
Bennington Pottery Jug
Chalkboard Acrylic (900)

Samuray Akarvardar
Bandage #1
Mixed Media (1050)

Del-Bourree Bach
Barnicle Bill
Acrylic (16,000)

Harriet Moore Ballard
Mixed Media (4,700)

Karin O. Bastidas
Garden Harvest
Watercolor (250)

Brenda Betchel
Memories of Infinitude
Transparent Watercolor (5,200)

Roger Beers
Oil (1,500)

Kelly Birkenruth
Oil on Canvas (5,800)

John A. Blair
Backyard Birding
Acrylic on Canvas (900)

Gilbert Boro
ATR II 1/32 Electric Blue
Welded Steel (8,750)

William Brennan
Beavertail #4
Photography (475)

Kay R. Brigante
Watercolor (350)

Richard Brzozowski
Zig Zag
Acrylic (2000)

Ben Buglio
Photography (150)

Jill Abele Butcher
The Dancer
Acrylic on Canvas (450)

William C. Butcher III
The Veteran
Digital Photography (2000)

Julianna W. Cameron
Bike Family
Oil (1100)

Helen Cantrell
Gold Beach Women
Oil on Canvas (4000)

Rosanne Cerbo
Cold Bench
Oil (650)

Lee Chabot
Trippin' On Kinetics
Oil on Canvas (5000)

Susan Chamberland
2 Bridges
Photography (500)
Sailors Soul
Photography (250)

Margaret Cherubin
Red Marsh
Oil (1500)

Tyler Clements
The Bathers
Oil (3000)

Sharon Coffin
Under the 405
Encaustic with Mixed Media (400)

Jean Dalton
Metropolis #2
Acrylic (5,000)

Rita Dawley
Live Chicken Dead Chicken
Mixed Media (1,500)

Bob Desaulnier
Watercolor (NFS)

Brian DeVantier
Sunrise Through Storm
Acrylic on Photo Paper (450)

Chris J.T. Dixon
The Passage
Oil (12,000)

Mark Dixon
Memorial Day
Photography (800)

Karen Dodez
Ceramic (300)

Elin Dolle
Failure to Thrive
Archival Digital Print (175)

Mark Dotolo
Acrylic (400)

Donald F. Eccleston
Book Worm War
Watercolor (400)

Bette Ellsworth
Six Gentlemen
Oil on Canvas (600)

Carole Erdman
Cedar Centinals
Watercolor (350)

Diane Farr
Marion, Waiting
Oil on Canvas (1,800)

Ming Feng
Sunset Over Coast
Oil (2,500)

William Field
Kilkee in Summer
Pastel and Photo (500)

Faripour Forouhar
Spring Thaw
Oil (2,400)

Deborah L. Friedman
The Transparency of Summer
Colored Pencil (4,200)

Lynn Frink
Dunes Beach
Oil (3,000)

Jack Garver
Wash Day
Watercolor (NFS)

Charles Gemmell
Vertical Access
Black and White Photography (600)

Libby Manchester Gilpatric
Night Shift II
Oil on Linen (1,500)

William G. Gilroy
Marsh with Two Trees
Charcoal Pencil (900)

Barbara S. Groff
Nature's Weaver
Pastel (7,200)

Shirley M. Hall
Hinge 1
Digital Photography (475)
Digital Photography (475)

Charles J. Hamm
Acrylic (500)

Amy Hannum
Parafin Sugar Water (900)

Bill Hanson
Working in the Studio
Oil (3,000)

Alfred W. Haywood
Etching (360)

Luciana Heineman
Old Pine Tree
Charcoal (380)

Leonard P. Hellerman
Summer Fun
Photography (245)

David W. Henion
Marble (300)

Paul Hitchen
Passing Liberty
Acrylic on Canvas (1,500)

Eric Hovermale
The Compass
Photography (NFS)

Sunil R. Howlader
Piece of Mind
Acrylic and Charcola on Paper (2,300)

Melissa Imossi
Oil (2,850)

Karen Israel
The Color of Life
Pastel (2,000)

Bonnie Jaffe
Still Kicking
Photography (275)

Joan Jardine
Oil (2,800)

Kathy John
Old Friends
Mixed Media Fabric (1,200)

Jacqueline Jones
Lilies of the Lake
Oil (2,000)

Fran Judycki
Fishing at Sunset
Oil (450)

Debrah Kaczynski
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Oil on Linen (750)

Sean Kane
Lonely Hearts Unite
Clay (NFS)

Charna Katzman
Pink Flower
Acrylic (3,000)

Maureen Keough
Tea Party
Pastel (800)

Jeff Kera
Ancestory Dot Com
Oil on Panel (4,000)

Randie Kharl
Haitian Musings
Oil (495)
Village Path
Oil (695)

S. Chandler Kissell
En Provence
Water Media (1,900)

Diane Kleinknecht
Mixed Media (140)
Mixed Media (140)

Michael David Kozlowski
Oil (3,000)

Linda Lancz
Charcoal Pencil (490)

Jim Laurino
Oil on Canvas (1,100)

Marny Lawton
7 Pears
Oil on Canvas (2,800)

Out of Nowhere
Oil (900)

Anthony Lazorko
The Organs
Color Woodcut (1,850)

Melody Knight Leary
Intaglio Print (400)

Kyong Lee
One Summer Afternoon
Oil on Canvas (NFS)

Terry Lennox
Portait of Jacqueline
Pastel (3,500)

Marilyn McShane Levine
Lone Tree, Nepal
Photography (350)
Silk & Wool, Jaipur, India
Photography (250)

Gigi Horr Liverant
Route 25, NM
Pastel (2,800)

Sarah Stifler Lucas
Bee and Thistle
Oil (4,500)

Evani Lupinek
Oil (1,800)

David Madacsi
Found Object Sculpture (4,200)

James W. Magner
Moody Blues
Oil (7,200)

Keith Magner
Morning Walk
Oil (374)

Taylor Mahan
Moment of Your Time
Color Pencil (1,200)

Larry R. Mallory
Rust in Peace
Watercolor (2,800)

Robert Manning
A Neolithic Sunrise for Uncle Mikey
Oil on Canvas (NFS)

Diane A. Marinaro
Sun and Shadows
Acrylic (1,800)
Acrylic (1,800)

Marco Marinelli
Indiana Limestone (600)

Donna Martell
Fresh Water Kayak
Pastel (600)

Craig Masten
A Lightening Sky
Oil (1,500)

Maggie McDonough
Grounded Reality
Photography (350)

Michael McGuinn
Artist in the Studio: Number One
Oil on Canvas (8,000)

Michael McNabney
Glacial Morraine Forest
Oil on Canvas (1,100)

Mary Mellot
Girl in a Blue Dress
Oil on Board (2,100)

Petronella Messick
The Big One, Yellowstone
Photography (250)

Phyllis Meyer
At Risk
Epoxy (NFS)
Epoxy (1,000)

Judith Meyers
November Solitude
Oil on Canvas (NFS)

Gustaf Miller
Acrylic (5600)

Janvier Miller
Acrylic (2800)

Maureen Miller
Color Pencil (250)
Gnarled Bark
Color Pencil (250)

Jeannette Morse
Mystic River #2
Acrylic (3,800)

Lydia Mozzone
Oil on Canvas (NFS)

Paul M. Murray
Sunrise in the Lemaire
Photography (325)

Leif Nilsson
Late Morning
Oil (30,000)

Robert Noreika
Sailing Class
Acrylic (8,000)

Judith Barbour Osborne
Triangulating the Spiritual
Mixed Media (1,200)

Howard Park
Farm Road
Oil on Linen (1,200)

Laura Parker
Copper Forms
Copper Wire (250)

Iacopo Pasquinelli
From Here You Can Almost See The Sea
Oil (NFS)

Judy Perry
Winters Glow
Pastel (1,850)

Robert W. Pillsbury
Across the Pond
Encaustic (1,850)

Claudia Post
Handmade Vase with Venetian Glass
Oil (2,500)

Dan Potter
The Surprise
Ink on Print (3,400)
Baby Dragon's Tooth
Rusted Steel (2,900)

Catherine Puccio
Checked Out
Oil (650)

Domine Vescera Ragosta
The Gardener
Acrylic (NFS)

Michael Ranucci
Brass and Red
Oil (2,000)

James Reinke
Praying for Rain
Linocut Block Print (220)

Eric Rennie
Ice Falls
Photography (350)

Elizabeth Rhoades
Passing Fjords
Pastel (1,100)

Olivia Ann Rolston
Wood (350)

Terry Russo
Clay (NFS)

Nick Salerno
Sail Change
Acrylic (450)
Color in Motion
Acrylic (1,600)

Steve Sangapore
The Room
Acrylic on Canvas (1,000)

Ann N. Scavone
Clay (225)

David Schulz
Joette Katz
Oil (NFS)
Oil (NFS)

Robert Scutt
Soul Searching
Pine (2,000)

Patricia Seekamp
Downhill Rush
Pastel (900)

Hillary Seltzer
On the Fence
Acrylic (125)

Peter Seltzer
Pastel (4,200)

Eugene Shcherba
The Age
Oil on Canvas (2,500)

Phyllis Small
Ghost Town Interior
Mixed/Fiber (NFS)

Mary Burk Smith
Monotype/Chine Colle (400)

Norman L. Smith
Florida Palm Tree
Ink (200)

Catherine Whall Smith
Hay....Leave Me Alone #1
Fiber Photo (240)

Joseph Soares
Let's Play Ball
Wall Sculpture (350)

Lucia Sokol
A Sparrow Among Peonies
Watercolor (200)

Janet Sorokin
Dream Time
Acrylic (500)

Diane Spira
Morning Mist
Oil and Oil Pastel (1,200)

Hans Stargardter
2 Bran Roses
Sheet Metal (5,000)

Hennie Stargardter
Tidal Spray
Acrylic (800)

Markham Starr
Portrait of a Young Lady
Pen and Ink (300)

Thomas Stavovy
Oil on Canvas (NFS)

Linda Talerico
Palio of Siena
Oil (2,500)

Peggy Traskos
Shaggy Sheep
Pastel (690)

Irene Virkutis-Harman
Winter Dunes
Fabric and Mixed Media (1,450)

Patricia Wagner
Gourd (475)

Karin Forde Whittemore
Photography (750)

Steve Wilda
The Last Supper
Acrylic (NFS)

Garnet Wrigley
Glimpse of Harkness
Soft Pastel (325)

Christopher Zhang
Green Apples
Oil on Canvas (NFS)


Best In Show

Artist in the Studio: Number One
Michael McGuinn



Second Place

Metropolis #2
Jean Dalton



Third Place

Gold Beach Women
Helen Cantrell



Fourth Place

Sailing Class
Robert Noreika



Allied Artists of America Award

Green Apples
Christopher Zhang



Art Spirit Foundation
Dianne B. Bernhard Award

Winters Glow
Judy Perry



CAFA Painting Award

Mystic River #2
Jeannette Morse



CAFA Graphics Award

The Organs
Anthony Lazorko



CAFA Drawing Award

Portrait of a Young Lady
Markham Starr



CAFA Photography Award

Sailors Soul
Susan Chamberland



CAFA Sculpture Award

Marco Marinelli



President's Award

Moody Blues
James W. Magner



Blick Art Award

Route 25, NM
Gigi Horr Liverant



Jerrys Artarama Award

Amy Hannum


PhotoSynthesis, LLC Award

Beavertail #4
William Brennan



Pastel Award

Downhill Rush
Patricia Seekamp



Water Media Award

Mary Burk Smith



Wholesale Framing Award

Handmade Vase with Venetian Glass
Claudia Post