Artist Spotlight

Kathleen Zimmerman


Religion Unbalanced | 11 x 11 | Graphite Drawing


East West Iconology | 11 x 11 | Graphite Drawing

    Artist Statement:

  • I believe that Art is a way to communicate what is in one’s heart and soul, and in so doing, come to a greater understanding of one’s self and the world we live in. The act of creating art begins with an inner need to express ideas and emotions, which take the form of a vision. This vision can be transformed from a mental image into a visual form with focused concentration and technical ability. To be a work of art, it must be a complete statement having meaning both aesthetically and emotionally. Then it becomes an independent entity with a life of its own.

    My work communicates ideas concerning both day-to-day life as well as more profound issues surrounding relationships, stages of life and culture. I use symbolism and surrealism to transform my subject matter into archetypal images. This gives my work a mythical quality filled with layers of meaning, which both reiterate and challenge age-old ideas.

    I find beauty and meaning in simple lines and forms. I use these to set up the basis for my drawings and sculpture, which are very design conscious. Once I am satisfied that the basic layout is both aesthetically and emotionally meaningful, I can play with any other aspects that I want each work to contain. Some works, simple lines are enough to convey my message while other require layering of images and abstract passages. My favorite mediums remain simple such as paper with graphite or metal with color. I want the images and forms to be the driving force. I tend to work back and forth between two and three dimensions to keep my work fresh by changing my perspective. I have found creationa mysterious and fascinating process.

Block Head Monkey | 12 x 16 | Graphite Drawing


China | 14 x 11 | Graphite Drawing