Artist Spotlight

Karin Forde Whittemore


Her Bedroom |26 x 17 | Archival Digital Photography


Sticks and Stones | 26 x 17 | Archival Digital Photography

    Artist Information:

  • My passion for photography began when I received my first Kodak Instamatic Camera at 9 years old. Taking photographs, seeing life through the lens of a camera, evokes a sensitivity within that brings joy and allows me to feel connected to our world.

    I am a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design in the Digital Photography Certificate program. A recent workshop in the Solar Plate Photography method has ignited my fascination with etchings and the printing process.

    Since 1989 I have been showing my work in local as well as regional galleries. Traveling is also a very important part of my life and where I derive my inspiration. Recently I have been inspired by finding the beauty I seek in decayed and isolated, abandoned spaces…spaces that seem lonely and empty but yet, if you stay calm and patiently look for it, are beautiful. This body of work titled 'The Beauty Within' is an ongoing project.

    I live in Mystic, CT. in my grandparents' former home. Living here on the water, surrounded by natural vistas nurtures my work and soul. My choice to express my art through the medium of photography is my passion and purpose.

The Clammer | 22 x 14 | Archival Digital Photography


La Cocina | 33 x 20.5 | Archival Digital Photography