Artist Spotlight

Alice Lee Timmins


Heart Matters | 22 x 23 | Textile Mosaic


Waking Up in the Milky Way | 29 x 44 | Textile Mosaic

    Artist Information:

  • SEWN MOSAICS are created by Alice Lee Timmins, the artist, at her studio in South Berwick, Maine. These textile works reinterpret fiber art as fine art. Concepts impress upon her visually and through the sense of touch; she might be hiking or doing physical work when that experience takes on a striking visual form. “Sewn Mosaics” are the artistic result. Timmins chooses and assembles fabrics by their texture, color, and surface design. Then she deconstructs by cutting these into fabric mosaic pieces. The artist assembles a unique image that she meticulously machine-sews into the final work. The mosaic is stretched and framed for exhibit. The viewer is left with an impression of her visual interior which invites discussion and private thought.

Skipping Stones | 29 x 24 | Textile Mosaic


Byzantine Urn | 44 x 35.5 | Textile Mosaic