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The Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts


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Judith Meyers


Artist Statement:

My life-long love of the out-of-doors gently guided me to becoming a painter of the natural world.  When choosing a subject to paint, I seek out a play of light and shadow.  Sometimes the most mundane of subjects can become powerful when bathed in a particular light.
Many of my oil paintings were created au plein air, or in combination with a photograph.  The light can be so fleeting!

Natural Formation, oil 16 x 20



Apple Blossoms, oil 11 x 14


My style could be described as tonal-impressionistic.  My training was in the impressionist style. However, in my efforts to add an emotional aspect to my work, I often will borrow from the techniques used by the tonalists of a century ago.
Recently, I have begun to add the human figure to my paintings.  My preference is to show the figure in a natural setting.



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Free Diver, oil 11 x 14


Bafflin Meadow, oil 22 x 28