Artist Spotlight

John Lawson


Emma | 24 x 36 | Pastel


Quest | 24 x 27 | Pastel

    Artist Statement:

  • The joy of creating began very early in my childhood. I can remember the sheer exhilaration, the pure kinetic energy that I felt from merely moving a simple object over a piece of paper. I was truly smitten. I knew then I was in my element. In fact, I knew then just as I know now, I will be doing this the rest of my life. Art is my domain, art is my destiny. The trill of a completed piece brings me such satisfaction, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment.

    When a piece is going well and all the stars are aligned perfectly. The joy is overwhelming. All is right in the world. What brings me extraordinary delight in the creative process is the magnitude of power an image can evoke in the viewer. Good, bad or indifferent, the viewer must respond. They respond on psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels of our existence. Art speaks to where we have been, where we are, and to where we are going. In a very real since art validates our humanity. The animal world does not produce art for art sake. It is our humanity that places a higher premium on beauty and perfection. It is the quest of the individual artist to strive for the peak of perfection, internally within them and externally in the outside world.

    The idea of creating something new that never exited in the world before fascinates me tremendously. The privilege to contribute something of value and worth to my community that mirrors the values and morality of our society is a wonderful feeling. To know I was created to create gives meaning and purpose to my life. For that reason I strive for harmony, unity and order in my work. It is my belief that this is the spirit that permeates the natural universe. When we understand that we too are the unfinished on going product of this never ending process. This is when we are liberated to become participates in the creative process. Therefore, art is not what you do, art is what you art.


Little Boy Blue | 24 x 36 | Pastel


    Kristina | 24 x 36 | Pastel