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The Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts


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Karin Hillmer

Karin Hilmer
was born and raised in Germany.
She graduated with a degree in Art History from the State University of New York (SUNY Purchase) and completed her knowledge in numerous post-graduate studies.

Already early in life she began experimenting with collages which later extended to her photographic process. Her photographs represent a new reality, maybe “surreality”, shaped by a lifelong interest in philosophy, history, art, invention, music and science. Her images have been said to “combine the avant-garde with the historic, have a deep intellectual reference, are enigmatic and humorous, mysterious and original, combine Renaissance and technology, genetics and Botticelli.”

Her work has been shown internationally in museums and galleries, with solo exhibitions in Germany, France and the United States. Karin’s work can be found in numerous private collections throughout the world.



And now he is trying again to bring time to a standstill.
12.2 x 12.2, edition of 20


We stood in awe before this labyrinth and looked.
12.2 x 12.2, edition of 20


Artist Statement

My photographs are still life composites. Found objects are positioned on a theatrical stage that I create and are then juxtaposed with other elements to form a visual dialogue. In these fabricated scenes I explore and integrate opposite forces such as reality versus illusion, light and shade, pictorial depth as opposed to flattened surfaces, painterly aspects contrasted with photographic techniques. In my current body of work, the thematic content is largely drawn from Renaissance science, philosophy, invention, music and then connected to our present time.




Sounds like the kind you always imagine but never see.
12 x 14, edition of 20




He was perplexed, they were 8297 nanoseconds too late.
21.5 x 17, edition of 20