Artist Spotlight

Susan M. Funk


Wagon 1 | 13 x 16 | Pen & Ink


Going Going Gone | 28 x 24 | Collage

    Artist Statement:

  • The world is crazy. Mankind’s antics are beyond my comprehension. My art is my best outlet/escape as my frustration, anxiety & bewilderment rises at all that is occurring daily. Am I witnessing human nature at its’ basest or human nature as it continues to evolve?

    I don’t know.

    I do understand that in my art I create the kind of world I wish to witness. I create a world of order, peace & sanity as I revisit old memories & create calmer scenarios.

    My ability to realistically capture an image has always been a form of cleansing therapy. Chaos, brutality & bullying do not exist. Observing, recreating, reinventing & honoring each canvas with direct images fulfills me.

    If a viewer gains insight & a moment of peace & can feel that they have escaped our shared image of this world, then my creation is that much more complete.

    Floral Study 22 | 18 x 36 | Mixed Media

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    Barbara's Beach | 30 x 24 | Pen & Ink