Artist Spotlight

Lee Chabot


Trippin' On Kinetics | 40"h x63"w | Oil on Canvas

    About The Artist:

  • Lee Chabot is a member of the Providence Art Club, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and a Juried Member of the Wickford Art Association. A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, Chabot’s unique style of painting combines bold strokes with a controlled yet striking color palette.

    His works, sometimes complex but other times simple geometrical arrangements, possess a certain vitality and movement shaped by unique and unfettered brushwork. Through compositions created by line and color, Chabot’s work explores the possibilities of perspective within two-dimensional space, influenced by early Cubism.

    Chabot paints landscapes unforgotten, from wide-open ocean vistas to busy market squares. And, while some of the works are subtle and introspective; others are full of energy and motion. He creates abstract compositions in related color palettes with elements of Expressionism and architectural design.

    Lee Chabot has exhibited in renowned galleries that include Signature Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA; Gallery 822, Santa Fe, NM; Agora Gallery, New York, NY; ArtBlend Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL; and the Providence Art Club, Providence, RI among other galleries and museums nationwide. His work has been reviewed in: American Art Collector Magazine, Artscope Magazine, Art is Spectrum and in international publications. Chabot’s works can be found in private collections around the world.

    Chabot’s artistic style ranges from semi-abstract to abstract expressionism, with a focus on composition as a unifying component, with the sentiment that composition is the most important aspect in the successful achievement of any painting.

    He currently works and resides in Harmony, Rhode Island.

    Chabot’s favorite quote: “Painting is expression when words will never do.

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