The 96th Exhibition for 2007


96th Exhibition

June 8 - July 21, 2007

Best of Show
Del-Bourree Bach
Second Place
Christopher Z.Y. Zhang
Third Place
David Schulz
Fourth Place
Peter Seltzer

CAFA Painting Award
Sonja Weber
CAFA Scuplture Award
Laura McCarty
CAFA Drawing Award
Steve Wilda
CAFA Graphics Award
Elaine B. Rothwill

CAFA Photography Award
Brian Flinn
Art Spirit Foundation Award
Barbara S. Groff 
Allied Artists Award
Pamela Zagarenski
Jack Richeson & Co. Award
Victor Leger 


Jerry's Artarama Award
Walter C. Chaney
Dick Blick Award
Marie Kobar
Country Artist Award
Peter Tytla
Simonds Photographic Award
Carol Dunn


Exhibition Catalog


Ralph Acosta
   B. B. King, watercolor
Corina Alvarezdelugo
   Escape C-89, mixed media
   Bunny, stoneware
Jimmie Arroyo
   Twins 2, graphite/charcoal
Del-Bourree Bach
   • Morning Coffee, acrylic
   Coney Island Shadows, watercolor
Janice Baragwanath
   Window Dressing, watercolor
Paul Batch
   Bill, oil on panel
   Kim (profile), oil on canvas
Serena G Bates
   Stubborn is as Stubborn Does, bronze
Stephen H. Bemont
   In My Dreams, wood
Edward T. Bissell
   Regatta Point, Worcester MA, photograph
Susan Black
   Brooksville, Maine, watercolor
Dorothy Blitzer
   Shore Thaw, watercolor
Dr. Adele Block
   Lot’s Wife, watercolor
Douglas Bok
   Pink Quartz Grave Stone, photography
Carol Z. Brody, NWS
   Party Papers and Ribbons III, watercolor
Eddie Bruckner
   Close Your Eyes, acrylic
Alan Brush
   Pipes and Belts, photography
   Tile Roof, photography
M. J. Brush
   Oyster Catchers, watercolor
Richard Brzozowski
   Red Awning, acrylic
William C. Butcher
   Sacrificial Heart, acrylic on canvas
Judy Cantwell
   Near the Airport, gel transfer
Sheila Cappelletti
   Blue Creek, watercolor
Monica Cascio
   Plein Air Workshop, oil on canvas
Walter C. Chaney
   • Wading, oil on canvas
Caleb Charland
   Cube with Penlight and Ruler, silver gelatin print
Jeanne Ciravolo
   Ethan & George, oil on canvas
Carole Clark
   The Lemons of Life to Lemonade, oil
Kayla Corby
   Rachmaniniov-Prelude C# Minor, oil on canvas
Virginia Cottrell
   Portrait of Nancy and her Daughter, photography
Doris Coughlin
   The View from Within, collage
Rainie Crawford
   Tabletop Study, pastel
Jean Dalton
   Allegro, pastel
Rita Dawley
   Walk the Walk, mixed
Sadie DeVore
   The Longest Line, monotype
Tony Donovan
   Feeding His Cattle, photography
Carol Dunn
   • Peace Lily, manipulated scanned object
Bertrand Duval - Arnould
   Mourning, photography
Vincent Elliott
   North Cove Garden, oil
Ms. Cindy Fedeli
   Sweet Success, pastel
Laurie Ferullo
   Spring Morning, oil
Brian Flinn
   • One Dozen Bees, digital photo
   Ingres Homage, mixed media
Lucien Flotte
   Unpainted Ladies, photography
   Los Campaneros, photography
Harvey Fuller
   Cape Horn Storm, oil
Walter Gaffney-Kessell
   Legacy, mixed
Martha Jeffrey Galuszka
   Rhythmic Silence, lithograph over digital
Cynthia Getchell
   Winter’s Path
pastel 1,300
Douglas Gillette
   Harmonica Man, silverpoint
   Killdeer’s Nest, silverpoint
Pamela Pike Gordinier
   Celebrate the Night, oil
Barbara S. Groff
   • Just Common Things, pastel
   The Literary Artist, pastel
Robert J. Hauschild
   New London Couple, acrylic
Luciana Heineman
   Light Through the Valley, drawing
Mary Ann Heinzen
   Sunflowers in Lenox' watercolor
Leonard P. Hellerman
   House on the Marsh, photography
   Early Spring Fog, photography
Margarita Josephina Hernandez De Maxson
   No Wake, oil on canvas
Brian A. Higgins
   Old Fashioned 4th, pastel
Gretchen G. Higgins
   Cedar Street, NYC, silver gelatin print
   Battery Park Cafe, silver gelatin print
Gail Hinchen
   Sleeping Mind’s Eye, mixed media
Jennifer Holmes
   Calm Harbor, oil
Lisa Horrigan
   Breakfast, The Pierre, oil on linen
   RC-Watch Hill -15s Racing, oil on linen
Shaun A. Huckins
   Sawyer’s Dairy Bar, acrylic on canvas
Ruth L. Jacobson
   A Moment, acrylic
Ann Johnson
   Katsina, photography
Merrill Park Keeley
   Lavender Gown, fresco
David Kendrick
   Encaustic Interior, photography
Marie Kobar
   • Poultry in Motion
E. Laine
   San Miquel de Allende, collage
   Bountiful, collage
Mike Barret Kolasinski, PSA
   Babbling Whispers, pastel
Linda Thompson Lancz
   Hartford Bus Station, mixed
Joan E. Lane
   Gathering Storm, watercolor monotype
Jim Laurino
   Storm’s Over, acrylic on paper
Victor Leger
   • Symphony # 2, oil on panel
   Passion, oil on panel nfs
   Cafe Northampton, oil
Yolene Legrand
   Farm in Bovina, NY, pastel
John Leuba
   Rain, digital photo
   4 Rocks, digital photo
Ralph Levesque
   Crystal Cry, mixed
Hannah Libman
   Autumn Shadows, mixed media
Gigi Horr Liverant
   Into the Sun, oil/ oil stick
   Main Street, oil/ oil stick
Sarah Stifler Lucas
   Coquette, oil
Robert Malan
   Black Rock Road, mixed media
Michael Mazzone
   Man with Dogs, acrylic
Laura McCarty
   • Portrait of My Mother as a Child, metal & wire
Charles McCaughtry
   Morning, Grand Pacific Glacier, watercolor
Georgene McGonagle
   High Hopes, bronze
   Ferdinand, bronze
Jan Mercer
   City Girls (The Unmarried), oil on linen
Karen Rand Mitchell
   Gestation, oil on canvas
   Aging Landscape, oil and acrylic on canvas
Ariel Mitchell
   Everything on this Line, oil, house paint, charcoal, canvas
   These Golden Barriers, mixed
Jack Montmeat
   Eve, oil
Carol T. Moore
   NYC #5, pastel
Christina Morse
   Taking the Time to Look, b & w photo
James M. Mullen
   Drawing from the model, Jasmine One, watercolor
   Drawing from the model, Ace Two, watercolor
John Murphy
   It’s a Black Thing..., photography
Pam J. Nelson
   Shadows, Leaves, and Memories, monotype
Daniel H. Nichols
   On the Edge, watercolor
Robert Noreika
   Acencion, acrylic
Audwyn O’Connor
   Self Portrail in Stairwell, oil on canvas
Trish O’Day
   Facade, digital photo
Larry Paolucci
   Frigilana, Spain, watercolor
   Don’s Dock, Stonington, watercolor
Sherrie Parenteau
   Absence, oil on canvas
Susan Parish
   Niantic Bay, photography
Howard Park
   Farm Lane, oil
Rieta Park
   Moon Over Sandias, gouache
Mary Parzych
   Mamu and Jaju, oil
Lon Pelton
   Communal Birth, metal sculpture
   Unintended Consequence....., metal sculpture
Beverly Rippel
   Ice Cream Scoop, oil on canvas
Carlos A. Romero
   Horizon, mixed media
Cynthia Root
   Window of my Soul, etching
Elaine B. Rothwill
   • Fear of Debasement, etching
   Inklings, etching
William A. Schneider
   Little Immigrant, oil
David Schulz
   • Alice, oil on linen
   Sleeping Woman #2, oil on canvas
William Seekamp
   Stalwart, oil
Patricia Seekamp
   Back to the Barn, pastel
Peter Seltzer
   • The Seekers, oil
John P. Semple
   Homage to Peto, oil
Janet Shafner
   Still Life with Urn and Logs, oil
Hiroko Shikashio
   First Snow, photography
Janice Silvers-Drake
   One Fine Evvening, pastel
William Simpson
   Albies Under the Boat, oil on canvas
Dennis Sirrine
   Misquamicut Marsh, oil on canvas
   Clouds Over the Connecticut, oil on canvas
Mee Sang Skrajnowski
   Misuzy: Parting Guests, oil
Timothy John-Luke Smith
   Ball Court Conclusion, pastel
Margie Resto Smith
   Angel Eyes, pastel
Natalie Smythe
   The Islander, transparent watercolor
Emil Soderberg
   Portrait: Study No. 5, photography
John M. Stannard
   Leete Farm, August Afternoon, alkyd
Hans Stargardter
   Double Gimel, brass
Mark Starr
   Trap Fishing, photography
Thomas Stavovy
   Beach, monotype
   Abstract Drawing, charcoal
Caryl Stern
   Dora, intaglio/collage
George Thompson
   Balanced Rocks, oil
Matina Marki Tillman
   Not So Funny (no game), soft pastel
   Foreseen, soft pastel
Lubomir Tomaszewski
   Own the Stage, acrylic
   Emerging Like Thunder, seared images
Burton Tysinger
   Flight, paints & wood
Peter Tytla
   • The Pileup, photographic collage
Charles Vendetti
   Play to the Gallery, photography
Deb Wadsworth
   Moonglow, oil
Sandra J. Wakeen
   Argenton, oil
Butch Wandy
   Abstractus, Abstracta, giclee print
Sonja Weber
   • Where The Moose Slept, oil
Steve Wilda
   • Past the Destination, graphite
Diane L. Wright
   Exit, mixed media
Garnet Wrigley
   Snowy Field, pastel
Pamela Zagarenski
   • Offering, mixed
Rosalie S. Zetoff
   Poppies, collage
Christopher Z. Y. Zhang
   • Three Dancers, oil
Kathleen Zimmerman
   Head Space-Maiden, mixed





Jurors Craig Frederick & Eric Goldberg






Mystic Arts Center, Executive Director Karen Barthelson
& CAFA President Douglas Gillette



Del-Bouree Back (Best in Show), President Douglas Gillette
& Artistic Director Daniel Riccio











































Michael Simonds briefing assistants:
Ryan Dolan, Molley Deming, & Sarah Burns