95th Exhibition Catalog

June 9 - July 22, 2006

William Aiken
Bag, oil on canvas
Jimmie Arroyo
Erica in White, pastel

Del-Bourree Bach
On Thin Ice, acrylic
Over the Limit, acrylic

Linn Bae
Pears with Tulip, oil
Karin O. Bastidas
Reflection, watercolor
Paul Batch
Kim, oil on canvas
Quintin with Orange Collar, oil on board
Robert Baxter
Basil’s Work, watercolor
Gordon Bell
Maine Beach, oil
Stephen H. Bemont
Bad Moon Rising, wood
No Brain - No Pain,wood
Dr. Adele Block
Grotto, watercolor
Joan Thompson Boghossian
Cycles, watercolor
M. J. Brush
Franklinia, watercolor
• Richard Brzozowski
Sunny Wall, acrylic
Harbor, acrylic
Jill Abele Butcher
Design with Orchids, acrylic on paper
William C. Butcher
The Tempest, acrylic/canvass

Bruce Campbell
Mammoth Act, steel wire, copper, lead
Horseshoe Crab, steel wire
Judy Cantwell
Attitude with White Shoes, collage
Monica Cascio
Shoppers in Sicily, oil on canvas
Leon Chmielewski
Bayou Blues, acrylic & ink
Art Chouinard
Mystic Seaport II, oil

Nathan Danieluk
Untitled, mixed
Rita Dawley
Where Are We, mixed
“Stay” “Go”, mixed
Carol Day
Crabapple Feast, watercolor
Jim DeCesare
Loraine, oil on canvas
Sadie Davidson DeVore
Cut and Paste, fabric and oil
Janice DiBattista
Garden Gone Wild, oil
Ramona Dooley
Sunset-Crestview (winter), oil
Carol Dunn
Oil Cans, gel medium skin on aluminum
• Bertrand Duval- Arnould
Acrophobia, photography

Mike Eagle Road
Through Indiantown, watercolor
Elaine Edelberg
Familia, collage
Linda Edgar-Yost
Ahhhh Summer, watercolor
Colonial Window, watercolor

Lisa Fatone
Delight of Spring, watercolor
Ms. Cindy Fedeli
On the Edge: Still Life Has New Meaning, acrylic
Robert L. Flavin
Midwest Flora, Circa 2004, silver gelatin print (infrared)
Lucien Flotte
You Old Ewe, photography
New York Er, photography
Jonathan Fontanellla
Untitled, acrylic
• • Walter Gaffney-Kessell
Balance, mixed media
Patriot, mixed media
Thomas Gaines
Waiting for the Sun, oil on canvas
Vincent Giarrano
Maine Beach at Twilight, oil on canvas
S. Gilkey
Spring Morning, oil
• Douglas Gillette
Guilty or Not Guilty, silverpoint
Beverly Golembeski
Coconuts, watercolor
Pamela Pike Gordinier
Summer Solstice Esker Point, watercolor
Jim Grabowski The Crossing Guard, acrylic
• Barbara S. Groff
Oz Revisited, pastel
Mikhail Gubin
Venetian Feeding, oil on canvas

Robert J. Hauschild
Eiffel Tower, acrylic
In Search of Manhattan, acrylic
Luciana Heineman
Rock Formation, #2, charcoal
Leonard P. Hellerman
Sheds in Snow, photography
• Brian A. Higgins
Down Beach, pastel
Jennifer Holmes
Late Light at Harkness, oil
Charlotte Huntley
Tattoo, watercolor

Alison C. Ives
Crossing Over, oil on canvas

Ruth L. Jacobson
Portuguese Marketplace, pastel
• Leonardo Jara
Iglesia De Cotacachi, oil
Tom Jennerwein
Devils Hopyard, oil
Peter E. Jones
Ethereal Window, photography
Hyunmook Jung
Sandy, oil

Bruce Karr
A Vine Fix to Be In, photography
Charna Katzman
Go Fish, acrylic
Jervis Kester
Pinochle Players, oil on canvass
Grace Kim
Persimons Crown, oil
• Catherine Kirkpatrick
Empty Room, photography
Shadow Cradle, photography
Brian Kirkpatrick
Self Potrait, oil
Wick Knaus
The Lamp, watercolor
Sharon Kocay
Spring, watercolor

Linda Thompson Lancz
Florescence, mixed
After Gauguin, mixed
Joan E. Lane
Lone Heron, monotype
Layne Art Show Opening, oil
Emily Lee
Sun Bathing, pastel
Rusty Leffel
Break Dancing, photography
Victor Leger
Viva L’Acadie, oil on panel
Gerald LePage
Still Life #2, oil
John Leuba
Fall, stone
• Hannah Libman
Endless Vista, collage
Gigi Horr Liverant
Beach Road Afternoon, oil stick
Patricia M. Lohr
Serenity, oil on canvas
Heather Gibson Lusk
Cow, oil
Amelia, oil
Barbara A. Lussier
Winter Corn, oil

James W. Magner
Mystic Twilight, oil
Larry R. Mallory
Retired, dry brush ink
Robert Manning
What Stones Dream Of, oil on linen
Diane A. Marinaro
Tapestry Forest
Antonio Masi
Cobblestones, watercolor
• David Maxwell
Boca M.O.A., opaque watercolor
Mike Mazer
Marion Harbor Dinghies, watercolor
Laura McCarty
Celtic Cross, mixed media
• Peter McLean
Home Equity Loan, charcoal drawing
Bernard McTigue
Foggy Morning, oil on board
Melissa Meredith
Truston Pond, etching - watercolor
Wall on the Beach, etching - watercolor
Billy Montella Jr.
Stairway to the Boat Yard
oil on masonite
Jack Montmeat
Bill 2, charcoal
Ryan Morey
Professor Philosophical, acrylic
Murray Muldofsky
Canyon Phenomena
acrylic collage
James M. Mullen
“ T” Still Life, watercolor
Still Life with “A” and Pin, watercolor

Daniel H. Nichols

The Towers, oil

Raymond O’Connell
Zhou-Zhuang China, oil
Robert O’Connor
Connecticut Fields, oil
• Iris Osterman
The Studio, oil

Sherrie Parenteau
Inner Strength, oil on canvas
Jill Henderson Pasanen
Persistence of Memory, collage
Swimming with Children, collage
Iacopo Pasquinelli
Orizzonte, oil
Laurel Jensen Paul
Ontario Summer, oil
Lon Pelton
To the Everglades with Love, metal sculpture
• Holly Pelton
Blue Cows, oil on canvas
Peppers, watercolor
Mrs. Rosalie Perruccio
The Parishioner’s Skating Party, acrylic
Connecticut Country Life, acrylic
Judy Perry
Reflecting, watercolor
Bridget Pupillo
Blue Door, Essaouira, watercolor

Maryann Read
Old Barn Noank Ct, oil on canvass
• Manfred Rehm
wood and metal
Ann C. Rosebrooks
Meditation, acrylic on canvas
Kirk Russell
Days Gone By, mixed
Lorraine Ryan
Cricket Hill Peony Garden, watercolor

William Seekamp
Winter’s End, oil
Sarah Seip
Crabapple, photography/ iris print
Hiroko Shikashio
Rain Drops, digital photo
Janice Silvers-Drake
Seeing, pastel
Michele B. Sinkez
Canna, watercolor, Island Pond, monotype
Annelie Skoog
Chains, watercolor
Phyllis Small
David’s Secret Pockets, mixed/ paperquilt
Mary Burk Smith
Botanical Evolution, mixed media - collage
Norman L. Smith
Ol ‘Rockin’ Chair’s Got Me, ink
Ann Snow
Wolf on the Pond, encaustic
Bill Sonstrom
Neptune, watercolor
Janet Sorokin
No Boundaries, mixed
Hennie Stargardter
Land Below, mixed media
Mark Starr
Modern Gal, photography
Thomas Stavovy
Marine Light, monotype
Ken Steinkamp
Untitled, acrylic ink on paper
Rhonda Swensen
Farmer’s Market, pastel

Paula Fi Thompson
Ponte Vecchio, photography
Matina Marki Tillman
Humanography 1, colored pencils on paper
• Peter Tytla
Advanced Decay, photo-collage

Sandra J. Wakeen
Molly, oil
• Linda Webber
Balloon Series I, acrylic
Jacqueline White
Effervescence, collage
Robert Wilkinson
Last Light, photography
Diane L. Wright
Number 27, sculpture
Garnet Wrigley
Summit in July, pastel

Roy C. Zartarian
Fifth and Fifty First, photography
Al Zerries
Circe, transparent watercolor
Rosalie S. Zetoff
Spring is Here, collage
Christopher Z. Y. Zhang
Golden Age, oil on canvas
Wenbin Zhang
American Dollar & Pencil, oil
Kathleen Zimmerman
Symbolic Portraits, bronze
Animal Farm, bronze / cedar


Mystic Arts Center, Davis Gallery, east wall







Davis Gallery, west wall








The first day of carry in entries.








Power Boothe, left
Dean, Hartford Art School.

Richard Lytle, right
Painter and Professor, Yale







Gretchen Higgins, CAFA member.
Special Events Coordinator, Mystic Arts Center








Awards Presentation:
Hans Stargardter, President CAFA.








Day 2, carry in entries.