94th Exhibition Catalog


May 27 - July 9, 2005



Ralph Acosta
The Search, watercolor
Diane Afton Aeschliman
Pearls & Quimper, oil/linen
Joanne Agostinelli
Chrystal Charisma, pastel & colored pencil
Al Albrektson
Antique Chair, watercolor
Farm on Bear Hill, watercolor
Valerie Andrews
Skunk Cabbage, oil
Jimmie Arroyo
Claire, graphite
Tracey in Blue, pastel

Del-Bourree Bach
A Winter’s View, acrylic on paper
Tidal Abstraction, acrylic on paper
Diane Lennox Bares
Boxwood, acrylic
Gwen Basilica
A View of Tuscany, fused glass/forged metal
Serena G Bates
Shoo Fly, bronze
Michael Benson
Two Stones - Maui, c print
Rita Bond
Cape Cod Summer Day, oil
Kathleen Brennan
Interchange I, bronze
Mariette Brown
Always on my Mind, alabaster
Stumble, marble
Richard Brzozowski
Meat Market II, acrylic
Escape Patterns, acrylic

Monica Cascio
The Square in Lucca, Italy, oil on canvas
Walter C. Chaney
Salter Grove, oil on canvas
Art Chouinard
Provincetown Ma., oil
Carole Clark
Rudy’s Children, oil
John B. Conroy
Dock of the Bay, pastel
Stephen Cook
Starcat, watercolor

Jean Dalton
Coastal Terminal, pastel
Rita Dawley
Provence I, mixed
Image of a Dream, mixed
Carol Day
Sugar Maple Glory, watercolor
David Douglass de Armond
Stafford Road, watercolor
Stowe Tower, watercolor
Jim DeCesare
Vincenzo DeCesare, oil/mixed
Diana DeSantis
Ainat, pastel

Mike Eagle
Clifton Hill, watercolor
Elaine Edelberg
Sadie, mixed media
Debbra L. Ellison
Night on Block, pastel
Morning Light, silk aquatint mono print

Lisa Fatone
Edgartown Harbor from Summer St., watercolor
Lily Blast, watercolor
Claire Fish
On the Farm, oil
Lucien Flotte
Pavilion Temper, photography
Up and Away,photography
Laurel B. Friedmann
Preparation, pastel
Harvey Fuller
The Portuguese Girls, oil

Bryan Gabiga
Self Portrait with Hat, oil on canvas
Thomas Gaines
Haze, oil
S. Gilkey
Boats, Mystic, Ct., oil
Douglas Gillette
The Fort, gouache
Power of the 3B, graphite
Beverly Golembeski
Carousel, watercolor, pen & ink
Sam Goodsell
In A Silent Way, pastel
Jim Grabowski
Time Capsule,Acrylic/mixed
Sophia Grineva-Pelino
Piazza Michelangelo, etching/oil on linen
Barbara S. Groff

Gloria Hanczar
Translation, collagraph and mixed
Donald M. Harvie
Ready to Launch,transparent watercolor
Audrey Heard
September Zinnias 1, oil
Luciana Heineman
The Last Fall, mixed media/drawing
Irises, watercolor
Mary Ann Heinzen
Erosion, watercolor
Candace Held
Warrior, fused glass
Vanishing Point, fused glass
Leonard P. Hellerman
Shading the Field, photography
Brian A. Higgins
Morning Drive Time, pastel
Gretchen G. Higgins
Homage to Twombly, mixed
Karen Hillmer
Nobody knew when the masked ball had turned dangerous, photography
Birds flocked to the feeding place by word of beak, photography
Ardis S. Holliday
The Village, oil
Jennifer Holmes
A Quiet Place, oil on linen
Spring at Griswold Point, oil on panel
Katherine E. W. Hooker
Aracauna, photography
Lisa Horrigan
4th of July,oil on linen
Lee Hutt
Young Noah, hydrocal
Lauren, hydrocal
Laureen Hylka
Moo-ve Over, oil/linen

Kirsten Jacobson
Pear, oil on canvas
Ann Johnson
Waves, digital photography
Shimmer, digital photography
Robert Jorgensen
Pepper, Figs, & Sailing Ships, watercolor

Charna Katzman
Red Table, acrylic
Three Pears, acrylic
Anna T. Kelly
Sculptor & Monk, oil on canvas
Catherine Kirkpatrick
Unmade Bed, photography
Lake in Winter, photography
Sharon Kocay
Breaking Clouds, watercolor
George Korenko
Neptune’s Messenger, red granite
Judith Kuhn
The Goldstar,oil

Moovin on,oil
Terry Lennox
Rainbow Trout, steel, primer acrylic varnish
Glenn Leung
Mermaid Parade, watercolor
Qimin Liu
Skull #1, monotype
Gigi Horr Liverant
Morning Calm, pastel
Patricia M. Lohr
Siesta,oil on canvas
Katherine Love
Umbria, marble mosaic
Sarah Stifler Lucas
Dan Stevens, graphite pencil
David Luchak
Allegro, oil
Heather Gibson Lusk
Egg Study, oil
Crock, oil
Barbara A. Lussier
Over Ice, oil/linen
January Thaw, oil on linen

David Madacsi
Morning Vapors, photography
James W. Magner
Inlet Shadows, oil
Flood Tide, oil
Saberah Malik
Kabul: Re-Arranged Rocks,oil/composition silver gilt on wood
Robert Manning
Let Them Eat Grass, oil on linen
Diane A. Marinaro
Forest Fantasy, acrylic
Donna Martell
Backyard Snow, pastel
Antonio Masi
View from Window, watercolor
Krzysztof Mathews
The doctors will see you now, giclée print
Mike Mazer
Tidal Inlet, watercolor
Gary Maznio
Headland, California, photography
Michael Mazzone
Equestrian Figure, oil on panel
Louis T. Mazzucca
Lost Lake, acrylic
Phyllis Meyer
Two Pear & A Spare, oil over acrylic
Justin Miller
Fransisco, vine charcoal
Ariva, oil on canvas
John Mishler
Creation, ink applied with toothpick
Timothy Mockler
Whittles Spring, oil on canvas
Billy Montella, Jr.
Central Village, Conn., oil/linen
Jack Montmeat
Still life with mango, oil
Self Portrait, pastel
Audrey S. Mucci
Celebration, mixed
Nicholas V. Mucci
Dad, oil
Kim Muller-Thym
Oyster River in May, oil

Sr. Marie Nace
Reflection, watercolor
Peter Nelson
Last Snow in the Orchard, oil/acrylic on wood panel
Pam J. Nelson
Sailor’s Sunset, monotype
Daniel H. Nichols
Happy Hour, watercolor
Robert Noreika
Clementines, acrylic

Joanne Oliver
Changes, ceramic
Mojandose, ceramic acrylic patina
Bjorn Olson
Grazioso, plexiglass mixed media

Susan Parish
Three Crosses, photography
Offerings, photography
Michael Pater
Winter Morning, mixed
Paula S. Pauley
Tayos Canyon Shadow, watercolor/mixed media
Mary Louise Pech
River’s Edge Wilderness Series, collagraph
Judy Perry
The Nut Lady (Elizabeth Tashjian), pastel
Adam Polsz
Glint, oil/pastel
Bridget Pupillo
Mughal Pavilion, Hiran Minar, Pakistan, watercolor on paper

Michael Raleigh
Once she had a white horse., acrylic on canvas
Maryann Read
Willow Point, oil on canvass
Daniel J. Riccio
Young & Innocent, photography
Steroid Free, photography
Gene S. Riley
Cherries, oil
Elbert R. Roberson
Nine Eleven Two Thousand One, wood, steel, resin
John Roush
Coffee County, pastel
Maggi B. Ryan
No Bannanas - Just Kayaks, oil
Lorraine Ryan
The Harvest, watercolor

Mitzura Salgian
Fred and Pablina, oil on linen
Barbara Scavotto-Early
Spinning, enamel painted steel sculpture
Elaine Schechter
The Glance, oil
Seated Man, oil
Richard Schwarzchild
Sunday, photography
Dreamer, photography
Patricia Seekamp
Gramdmother’s Platter, pastel
Mark Shasha
April Dunes, oil/panel
Ruth Lee Silver
Main Street, collage
Peter Silver
Dawn at Essex Dock, print on watercolor
Brooklyn Bridge, print on watercoler
Janice Silvers-Drake
Poquetanuck Cove in February, pastel
Gabrielle Simmons
In Ken’s Room, acrylic
Dennis Sirrine
Christo on the Gapstow, oil on canvas
Meesang Skrajnowski
State of Emergency (Tryon), oil
End of Day (Jessica), oil
Stephen Sottile
The Sentinels #2, pen & ink
The Sentinels #3, acrylic
John M. Stannard
Sachem’s Head Marsh, Guilford,alkyd resin
Hennie Stargardter
Black & White, watercolor
Hans Stargardter
Dancing Flame, brass
Mark Starr
Morning Train, photograph
Thomas Stavovy
Untitled, etching/monotype
Ruth Sussler
Truckers’ Aphrodite, oil

Catherine Hanson Taub
Dogwood Blossoms, oil
Mark Tennant
Reclining Nude,oil
George Thompson
Flood Tide,oil
Lorrrie B. Turner
Shelter Island Fields, pastel
Peter Tytla
Ma Frickett & The Naughty-Nymph, photographic collage

Sandra J. Wakeen
Leanne, pencil
Suzanne in Red, oil on linen
Annie Wandell
New York Window II, oil
Butch Wandy
The Antics of Wayward Prisms, photography
Thyrza Whittemore
A Wintry Afternoon, oil
Steve Wilda
Ray of Flight, graphite
Lynn Wrona
Rugged Individualists, oil

Grace Zazzaro
Glory to The Mother of God, egg tempera
Paul Zelanski
Neanic, collage
Eidetic, collage
Christopher Z. Y. Zhang
Boatmen on the Yellow River, oil on canvass
The Soul of the Dance, oil on canvas